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Our team has closed 100+ unique acquisitions since 2006, making Alchemy by far the most experienced independent manager in this royalty strategy.


We remain the most disciplined and resourceful manager in a unique asset class, with a keen eye on portfolio diversification, focused on exemplary, low volatility returns.


A partnership between its influential management team and the MassMutual Life Insurance company, Alchemy is based in Manhattan and Beverly Hills.


Music Royalties

Music Royalties

Music royalties are in the sweet spot of real asset investing, as music copyrights and master recordings have both attractive valuations and significant growth prospects.

Copyright Law

Copyright Law

Copyright law protection is robust in the US and other major royalty-producing territories, and the infrastructure for collecting royalties owed is sophisticated and efficient.

Cash Flow

Cash Flow

Alchemy’s professionally selected music royalty portfolios pay current cash flow starting immediately. There is no ramp up period required to realize free cash flow.

Low Volatility

Low Volatility

Music royalty portfolios exhibit low volatility of returns and low correlation to traditional asset classes. Additionally, music copyrights and master recordings don’t typically risk default or the potential for destruction.

Maintain Value

Maintain Value

And music investments rarely (if ever) require reinvestment to maintain value over extended periods of time.


The Alchemy Copyrights and Bicycle Music Company teams now manage more than 50,000 songs acquired from hundreds of gifted songwriters, performers and producers.  Chart-topping, award-winning original Pop, Rock, Alternative, R&B and Hip-Hop…plus original show tunes, film and television music…enjoyed in at least sixty countries around the globe.

Among the most commercially popular titles in our portfolio, you’ll find recordings by these artists & productions…

A Chorus Line
Alanis Morissette
The Alarm
Arlo Guthrie
Avril Lavigne
The Beatles
Bellamy Brothers
Billie Holiday
Black Crowes
Blues Traveler
Box Tops
Brenton Wood
Britney Spears
Creedence Clearwater
Cyndi Lauper
Cypress Hill

Dwight Yoakam
Eric Clapton
The Fixx
George Jones
George Strait
Ice Cube
Jay & The Americans
Jefferson Airplane
Johnny Cash
Josh Kelley
Kelly Clarkson
Kenny Rogers
Led Zeppelin

Lynyrd Skynyrd
Marilyn Manson
Marvin Hamlisch
The McCoys
Michael Jackson
Miles Davis
Montell Jordan
Night Ranger
Nine Inch Nails
The Offspring
The Partridge Family
Paul Oakenfold
Pete Seeger
Phillip Bailey
Robert Johnson
Roberta Flack

The Rolling Stones
Roy Ayers
The Skyliners
Sonny Rollins
Tal Bachman
Tammy Wynette
Third Eye Blind
.38 Special
Tone Loc
Wall Of Voodoo
Willie Nelson
Wilson Pickett
Young MC

Learn much more about the songs and music in our portfolio…


Alchemy acquires catalogs for its investors, quite often direct from the artists/creators, at attractive steady-state yields.

And then its dedicated royalty administration team, The Bicycle Music Company, “shakes the tree” to increase yield by proactive media and consumer marketing, opening new markets, creating derivative works, exercising determined, persistent royalty collection.

The “property management” team at Bicycle Music writes many hundreds of new media licenses a year for our investors’ owned/managed works… but these are a few of the coolest!

Continuing advances in technology and global commercialization introduce still more opportunities to generate incremental licensing revenue.  And growth of global distribution channels further contributes to incremental cash flow.

Management Team

Alchemy Copyrights identifies, values and invests in entertainment-related intellectual property: principally music copyrights, master recordings and grand theatrical performance rights.

Alchemy Copyrights is a music company with global scale and influence, actively engaged in the distribution of master recordings and publishing of the music in which we’ve invested.

Our team has closed about 110 unique acquisitions since 2006, making Alchemy by far the most experienced independent manager in this royalty strategy.

As global consumer and commercial demand for music rapidly expands and evolves, we are the most disciplined and resourceful manager in a unique asset class, with a keen eye on portfolio diversification and stability, focused on exemplary, low-volatility returns for our investors.


Stephen Smith

Chairman of the Board
Alchemy Copyrights

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Scott Pascucci

Chief Executive Officer
Concord Bicycle Music

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Steven Salm

Chief Corporate
Development Officer

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Glen Barros

Chief Executive Officer
Concord Music Group

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Jake Wisely

Chief Executive Officer
Bicycle Music Company

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Bob Valentine

Chief Financial Officer
Concord Bicycle Music

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Larry Blake

Chief Legal Officer
Concord Bicycle Music

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Sig Sigworth

SVP Catalog
Management & Development

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